Ever wish you could
freestyle rap?
Now you can, with
the Rhymeo app.

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Rhymeo helps you freestyle.

Freestyle with ease

It's a lot easier to freestyle when you can see rhymes for the words you say. That's where Rhymeo comes in.

With just a tap, you can get instant rhymes for any word that comes out of your mouth.

The last word you chose

Words that rhyme

Related words

Your words

Better with friends

Your freestyles are meant to be heard, especially the good ones. Rhymeo lets you share your creations anywhere, with anyone.

Don't forget to feature your video on the feed, where it can be viewed, liked, commented on, and re-shared by everyone!

Now Picture This...

It takes more than rhymes to make a freestyle.

That's why Rhymeo also provides related words and pictures, based on your lyrics, to spur your creativity whenever you need a boost for your next line.

Reach out to us at justin@rhymeo.co

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